Career Counselling

Career Counselling

HGG, spear headed by the vast 20 year experience of Arty Harjai, we have been guiding students since the past 20 years. Career guidence starts in 8th grade itself- no matter which field you want to pursue, the preparation starts early. For almost every professional degree there is an entrance exam to be cracked. Therefore the questions arise-
Which subjects do i opt for?
Which board should i take- state board/CBSE/ICSE-ISC/A levels/IB?
Is maths mandatory for becoming a pilot?
Which are the best classes for engineering/ medicine/architecture/ca……?
Do i need a domocile for my admissions?
How do i manage my time between classes and school/college?
How do i choose the right profession?

All the above questions are answered at hgg. the career choice of the child is based on 3 factors-
  • The IQ and the EQ of the student
  • The interest of the student
  • The market forces

The student is not only empowered to make the choice of the subjects and profession but also given the guidance on the path to reach his goal. We at HGG have a plan for the student wherein he has a choice to have our guidance through out his journey, till he reaches his goal. From helping the student to set up a timetable to counselling him during times of stress and confusion, HGG does it all!

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