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Personalised with CEO

For every student who comes to HGG for Ivy League admissions, the following sessions are personalized with the CEO

Selection of the course depends on 3 factors- Profile of the student/budget/long term plan

Therefore this is of extreme importance, as it is deteramental to your success! One to one session with the CEO, who has 15 years of experience in the field, is a huge advantage

What does the university want to see in an application? What do you bring to the university as a student?   how best will you use the university resourses?  All this is determined by your profile , essay and recommendation.  For 2 academically similar applications, the essay and recommendations are the deciding factor.  This is where all the experience of the CEO is beneficial to the student, where he/she is guided by her on , one on one, sessions!  This is priceless for the student!

Once the applications are completed by the student , with the assistance of the HGG team, then the CEO, personally wets the entire application for final review.  This again is of utmost importance as her contribution to any changes in the application , can be deteramental for admission into top universities!

Well, all the hard work is done, the student has procured admission in his/her dream university!  But the story does not end till the student gets his/her visa!  The final review of the visa application , as well as the final mock of the visa interview is taken personally by the CEO who is a visa expert for countries world over!

The aim of adding this extra focus towards the Ivy League universities is to increase the chances of the student several fold.

Most, if not all, of the Ivy League universities have their own unique set of criteria that they use to measure the students on, and it is of utmost importance to understand and plan according to these criteria.

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