Why Canada

Canada is a famous destination for international students because of its world-class metropolis, broad outback and a development of patience and diversity. It is rated as the “best country to live” and the “best country to study” several times and is renowned for working, visiting and investing. It offers excellent campus life and on-campus as well as off-campus career opportunities. The job liberty is valuable for international students. Research is a key component of Canadian universities and it plays a tremendous part at the cutting edge of the technology. Canada offers a humongous possibility for both learning as well as leisure. It’s a very hospitable country and encourages multicultural diversity. Canada also frequently declares the top spots in sections like ‘the country to live’ and ‘best country to study’. It’s also highly ranked in enterprise, employment, and tourism in various international reviews and standards ratings. Students who want overseas education recognition and the valued recommendation it offers—high-quality institutions at a modest price in a secured, magnificent, multicultural, progressive, and welcoming atmosphere. They uphold Canada’s excellent combined offer of high-quality education with opportunities for working both while and after studying and a chance to possibly immigrate after the completion course.

Quick Look at Canada

Canada is an ethnically diverse country and the educational institutions are incubators for modernization. Canada has a lot of islands and big lakes. It is a multicultural liquefying point for many students coming to study at one place. Canada is a magnificent haven offering snow-sprinkled mountains to far-flung woodlands of the spectacular desert. It has consistently been voted as the most balanced economy on the planet. Popular cities are Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary. Canada has also repeatedly declared at the top spots in categories like ‘the best place to live’ and ‘best place to study’. It also ranks high in entrepreneurship, employment, and tourism in various international analysis and standards assessments. Students who want overseas education recognize the value proposition it offers—high-quality institutions at an attractive price in a safe, beautiful, multicultural, progressive, and welcoming atmosphere.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is home to 25 Nobel laureates and has some of the world’s top universities. According to QS World Ranking, four of the top 100 universities in the world are from Canada. The average tuition cost in Canada is less than that in other countries like the US. Canada has a hassle-free visa application process for students. Work opportunities in Canada are good and students can work there for a limited period of time after graduation. After working in Canada for a few years you can apply for permanent residency in needed.

Here are some reasons why studying in the Canada is so popular with Indian students:
High-quality education in world-class institutions
Wide range of programmes and courses to choose from Universities, colleges, and other post secondary education institutions
Modest cost of education
Multiple scholarship opportunities
Secured and peaceful atmosphere
Multicultural country with rooted democratic values
Easier visa acquisition
An exciting and beautiful place to live
Cost of Education in Canada

The expenses acquired for studying in Canada is inclusive of tuition fees, living costs and insurance etc. The universities set their own fees depending on your location, citizenship and undergraduate or postgraduate level. The average tuition fees for undergraduate students is about CA$ 14,000 to CA$ 18,000 per year. The postgraduate courses cost CA$ CA$ 30,000 to 42,000 per year. The average cost of living in Canada goes up to CA$10,000-15,000 per year.

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