“Which is the best education agency for studies abroad? “

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Being a counsellor myself , I would suggest you HGG ( Harjai Global Gurukul ), without being baised. Top 3 reasons to come to HGG for Study Abroad counselling are-
“What is the best fit for the student” , This is the motto of HGG. Rather than pushing a student towards tie up Universities , we guide them according to what is best for them! There is no fixed list of universities that the student has to choose from. The final list is decided mutually .
For all our students we have separate sessions for essays and recommendation letters by our expert counsellors who have studied abroad.
HGG prides itself in stating that we are still in touch with our students who went abroad 10 years back! We add a personal touch to every case. Incase of any guidance needed once abroad, we readily help. We readily share the details of our students abroad with our perspective students! HGG has an office in Tampa Florida, as well!

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