Initial Counselling


Education is the single most important non perishable asset an individual can have, HGG is privileged to be in a position where we guide students & professionals towards their aspirations to study abroad. Initial counselling at HGG can be a unique platform for students to clear or their doubts or queries related to study abroad as HGG focuses on most important factor โ€œ What is the best fit for the studentโ€ according to the profile of the student , long term plan & their financial strength. Our experienced counsellors tailor our process to align with specific needs & objectives & give you the solution that`s perfect for you. HGG in the recent years has forayed into the field of guiding students for IVY LEAGUE Admissions worldwide & are proud to state that from the total number of students were on board with us for IVY LEAGUE Admissions 86 % students were admitted to the top 20 universities in the world.

Below given are few of the question we help tackle during our initial counselling session.

Which Universities / Schools / Colleges can be targeted with my profile?
How many Universities / Schools / Colleges should I target?
Will these Universities / Schools / Colleges be a best fit for me?
How can your services help me?

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