Singapore Singapore has a progressive education system with finest standard on all levels. Higher education is reasonable than most of the other countries and it is a clean and safe country. It has a cultural diversity and is famous as an education and business nerve center. The institutes in Singapore are globally valued by companies. […]
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Essay & Recommendation

Introduction 50% weight age is for your scores GRE/ GMAT/ SAT /ACT /TOEFL /IELTS, whichever applies to you, your grades/ GPA, the other 50% is on your profile. What you bring as a student to the university. How well you can contribute to the university. Also how well will you use the university recourses? And […]
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COACHING It is very difficult to study in any abroad countries if you are not comfortable with the formal spoken language of the host country. As the majority of nations speak English, they expect you to do the same, which will impel your seriousness towards your education and career. Moreover, hosts will be friendlier and […]
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Pre- Departure

Pre- Departure We equip the pre-departure briefing which helps you to acquire a plan of the element to be kept in mind before you fly to your dream destination. Our ‘Pre-Departure Briefing’ covers all the conditions of transit and the first time of stay pertaining to the various nations. We also conduct sessions from time […]
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Visa Assistance

VISA Assistance Once you seize your Acceptance Letter from your desired university and arrange your funds to study abroad, you can apply for the student visa. Getting a student visa is totally challenging as a lot of documentation is involved in the procedure. Moreover, every country has a different set of exaction so itโ€™s necessary […]
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Accommodation Guidance

Accommodation Guidance Selecting the right form of accommodation overseas can be a very grind, specifically when you want to stay in a quality but affordable accommodation and the budget to spend on accommodation is defined. Each country offers numerous options that will support your budget. However, choosing the accommodation that also elements in the best […]
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Job Opportunities Abroad

Job Opportunities Abroad Our career counselors guide you about the career opportunities you can procure after completing your course abroad. You can also congregate knowledge during your study and can stay away from fabricated promises of providing you employment abroad by many fraudulent agents around the world. These jobs will actually allow you to work […]
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Safety & Security

Safety & Security Your family is most concerned when you are thousands of miles away. HGG is associated with those universities globally which are rooted in worldโ€™s safest countries to study. Secured environment during study helps you to continue a stress-free education while relishing the foreign life. Counselors at HGG always guide students with the […]
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Financial Resources / strength

Financial Resources / strength The cost to study abroad and other related expenses varies from country to country, university to university, it also depends the course you want to pursue. Highly experienced financial advisors at HGG calculate an anticipated cost of study & living expenses required for the student according to their financial resources & […]
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