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Elizabeth Koonan

B.Sc Computing, 2005-2006

We are proud to say that today she has a permanent job with a reputed company in UK.

Harjai Global Gurukul is just great!!! Very professional, lending a helping hand in the whole process of arranging documents in getting the visa. Great knowledge about different courses at different universities in UK and advising on picking the one best suited for you.... In short, just brilliant!!!

Shardul Pandit

MBA , 2006-2007

He will pursue his charted marketing course after completion of his MBA.

I think the service provided by you was very good and not at all a professional approach (I mean just business oriented), rather was a personal approach. I still remember how many times I used to come to your office and give you trouble but you were always open to it. Also in the whole process we have developed a good relationship. It was never a company-client relation and that's the best part. Also the staff was very helpful. Overall, a very good experience with Harjai Global Gurukul. I and specially my parents are very happy for the kind of service you provided. Thank you very much and keep up with the good work. Best of luck.

Charles Parmar

B.Sc Computing, 2007-2008

What gets me to Harjai Global Gurukul is the specialized attention given to each individual. I have not seen any one so committed and hardworking for the students to get through the rigorous visa application process. Getting visa is not easy for any country however Harjai Global Gurukul really puts in their heart and soul for each individual. Also the amount of support at each stage right from counselling and suggesting the right university / options to finally getting through is amazing.

Vaibhav Parikh

B.Sc Computing, 2007-2008

An all rounder who is very active in the social program and also got a part time job in the IT FIELD.

It would be my pleasure to tell you some really good things, which you have added in my life. The staff at Harjai Global Gurukul has given exhaustive information about the course. Prompt service and help, I remember calling up the staff 7 hrs before my flight for some queries and she did get back to me after office hours.

"It was good experience".

Deepak Wadhwa

B.Tech Diploma (Car Repair & Maintenance) 2007-2008

Dr Naresh Wadhwa & Dr Mrs Sushma Wadhwa parents of Deepak Wadhwa testifies:

The four D's to be successful in life are

  • Discipline
  • Dedication
  • Determination
  • Duty bound

Harjai Global Gurukul fulfils all the qualities so are bound to be successful.

Soumya A Mathew

M.Sc Computer Crime, 2007-2008

When a guidance and proper pathway is required for the visa procedure ,Harjai Glaobal Gurukul can be trusted.I have the experience of interacting with them for my UK visa procedures.The perfect guidance and support for admissions abroad, legal and financial document preparation mainly how to arrange your finance, selection of university and the relevant course that suits you the best,your initial movement after reaching the destination and such other formalities are carrried out in a systematic mannner. Their IELTS coaching gave an idea of how to take the exam at the best of our benefit. The most important part is that they give individual attention to each of their students. Now-a-days as the visa rules are changing rapidly still Gurukul makes sure they are up-to-date with all the rules.

The co-operation of the Gurukul team is so friendly that we feel at ease and any time you need help with the visa formalities they are always ready to help. Even after researching UK when I had queries Gurukul staff were always their to help. So the next stop after deciding that you are ready to study abroad is Gurukul...

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