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How do I enroll for a university in France?

The academic year in France begins in the month of September/October and ends in the month of June/July. Students who have completed their 10+2 can enroll for admission in France. For more information contact HGG.

What are the requirements to study in France?

A student looking forward to pursue undergraduate studies in French University, needs to have a Baccalaureate or equivalent degree.

For a Master's degree in any French University, you need to have a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent diploma. Some universities and institutes may ask for work experience. French is not compulsory as most of the institutes are offering education in English but fluency in French may add to your CV. In some cases, students are required to clear French Proficiency Test and submit the certificate along with the application form.

How much would I be spending during my stay in France?

The cost of study in France is lower than most European capitals. The French government provides one third of financial aid to successful students. The accommodation fee at universities is very nominal and can vary from €120 to €680 per annum.

Can I work in France during the course of my study?

France being open and warm to all cultures can be as snug as home. Students can start working here during their study also. International students are entitled to work part time up to 20 hours a week off campus.

What can I do in my leisure time in France?

The higher education in France is popular for its openness and accessibility. Hence, a foreign student can never feel away from home. No distinction or discrimination is witnessed between French and international students. As a student this can be the place of ideal experience of a 'Student Life' with various extracurricular activities to indulge in like athletic, touristic and cultural activities. And to coddle you in the divineness of it culture the museums, libraries, cinemas, theatres and cafes are all nearby most universities.