Essay & Recommendations


Essay & Recommendations


1. For 2 academically similar applications, the essay will be the deciding factor! Essays are of extreme importance for ivy league admissions. But essays rarely stand out! The purpose of studying the course has to be extremely clear . An essay that has a bright idea/ a research idea, which excites the admission committee is looked upon favourably . Even a problem that the student has been working on and how he plans to find solutions through the programme of study is a great point to have in an essay. It has to be genuine and personal.

2. Being genuine. Where the student was able to talk about his/her shortcomings and how they got over them.
3. Where the student wrote the first draft without reference to other essays available on the net.
4. Where the student’s essay was not a replica of his/her cv.
5. Where the essay was an interesting read and not boring! The essay definitely highlighted the achievements and the journey but with personal antidotes!
6. Remember the essay is the deciding factor between 2 academically similar applications!
7. Where the student was able to demonstrate that he/she is the best fit to the university and how well they will use the university resources.


1. A single letter of recommendation can change the outlook of the whole application! That’s how important a letter of recommendation is! The admission committee gets to review your application through a 3rd person angle. It is recommended to waive your right to review the letters. A letter of recommendation should be an honest evaluation and not only praise. High light the projects that have not got a mention in the application, elsewhere.

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