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  • Keep your grades straight A*s.
  • Socially useful productive work should form a formal hourly activity through      high school / university.
  • Leading/ Captainship of a sport team in school / university playing state level with accolades.
  • Projects with innovative ideas should be submitted.
  • Most importantly be a great human being and humble Have an excellent rapport with your teachers so you can get outstanding recommendations .
  • Start working on your essay early and get it reviewed from a      couple of seniors.
  • Give your SAT / GRE / GMAT early on so you have a chance to repeat if required . Aim for full acore.
  • Being disadvantaged,if u are, from any angle, should be highlighted in your application as the Ivy League Universities are looking for diversity in their classes. They want students who have made it, despite all odds!
  • Internships / Work experience.
  • Awards & Recognition.
  • Research.